Come visit me at The Wordshark blog today

I'm thrilled to be featured today as a guest blogger at Karen S. Elliott's The Wordshark blog with my post entitled “A Mother's Gift: Connection.” It's a tribute to my mother and the idyllic childhood we had.

COME VISIT ME at The Wordshark blog!

Mother's Day is next Sunday, and on this post I greatly expanded the my piece published last year in The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating Moms and Motherhood. At my daughter's excellent suggestion, I pulled lots of wonderful childhood memories out of the old memory bank and talked about the precious gift of connection that my mother gave each of her five children.

“Reach out and touch someone”

Take a tip from this famous AT&T slogan. If you're fortunate enough to have your mother, let her know about something you remember and appreciate from your childhood. Or perhaps, there's a mother figure in your life who needs a hug by mail or phone. Even if your mother has passed on, take a few minutes to send your love and thanks to her in your mind. We can never beam too much loving energy into the Universe.

Always make it Heartspoken

I know these holidays are commercialized terribly, but never underestimate the joy that a simple gesture of love on your part can mean to someone else. And remember…always make it Heartspoken!

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