Come join me today as I am a guest of Dr. Cyndi Briggs at her wonderful blog The Sophia Project: Releasing women back into the wild since 2010. My guest post is called “De-cluttering isn't just for closets and Inboxes.”

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Emotional fagility
  • Trouble concentrating when you try to pray
  • Unusual anxiety
  • Rushing through your time with God
  • Restlessness and indecision

If so, it may be time for some spiritual de-cluttering. My article will give you some tried-and-true ideas for overcoming!

Thank you to Cyndi for inviting me. She's doing good work, and I hope you'll check out some of her other posts while you're there.

Head shot of Dr. Cyndi Briggs, The Sophia Project

Cyndi Biggs, The Sophia Project

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