Time sensitive project

This is an off-schedule, time-sensitive post to shine a spotlight on an inspiring project called Visions and Voices. The project will be carried out in Chile, Guatemala, and the U.S. South by a remarkable young woman named Carlyn Wright-Eakes and her team. She has a fund-raising effort going on now with a deadline in four days on March 1, 2012 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. I'm hoping that some of you readers will feel moved to support her.

Giving voice to the voiceless

In the interest of time, I will take the description straight from Carlyn's site:

Visions and Voices is a six month journey to compile self-portraits and monologues from women whose stories have not been told in Chile, Guatemala, and the U.S. South. They are women who are invisible to most of us: they may scavenge in the city dump; or sell their bodies; or spend their hours behind bars. Yet, their voices are powerful and we can learn from the wisdom of their lives.

Through Visions and Voices, I will partner with other artists, educators and organizations to facilitate workshops in which participants use the arts and creative process to find their individual and group voices. They will write poems, monologues and develop self-portraits that reflect upon their lives and futures.

Carlyn and her collaborators will partner with Telling My Story in Chile and with Safe Passage in Guatemala. Subsequent workshops are planned with Latino immigrants in Alabama and homeless mothers in North Carolina.

The final product will be an anthology in magazine or book form with a chapter focusing on each workshop.  Each chapter will include the stories of the women participants, and an informational section about ways you can support the participants or become involved in the partnering organization.  The anthology of stories will connect participants who have faced similar experiences of exclusion despite living in a different geographical location.  Each participant will keep their original artwork and receive a final copy of the book/magazine. 

If Carlyn doesn't raise her whole amount now, she'll scale back and focus on the projects in Chile and Guatemala, with the rest postponed until she gets funding.

I know Carlyn's family in North Carolina. Her parents are highly respected activists for social justice, and Carlyn is clearly carrying on this family tradition. You can see some of Carlyn's photography and her travel accounts on her blog.

Time's running out…

Take a look at Visions and Voices, and if you feel moved, act now, knowing you are helping to give a voice to those who can't do it for themselves.

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