One year ago today, a devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan. The damage from the quake and resulting tsunami caused incalculable and unimaginable loss of life and property. Hope seemed dim in the darkness of despair.

But the human spirit can rise like a phoenix from the ashes, and people can connect across seemingly insurmountable physical and cultural divides. This video chronicles the spirit of the survivors who are rebuilding their lives, and it is a moving tribute to the American English teacher, Taylor Anderson, who comforted and encouraged the children in her classroom that day until their parents picked them up, but left the school too late to save herself. It is also a heart-warming expression of thanks from the people of Japan to all those countries, organizations, and millions of generous individuals who responded with help and support, food and water, manpower and money.

How can we harness this magnificent outpouring of love and generosity to illuminate other areas of darkness in the world?

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