Introducing Connection Messenger: Sarah Anma

Sometimes we women just try too hard when it comes to romantic relationships. I've had friends and loved ones who found themselves single at an age when it seems harder to find a good match. The biological clock is ticking, and without considerable emotional maturity and a rich support network of friends and family, the early feelings of abandonment or fear of the future can escalate into desperation. This can manifest itself in clingy behavior or unattractive neediness that repels, rather than attracts, the right partner.

A self-confident woman, on the other hand, exudes a sex appeal and attractiveness that bears little correlation to their physical attributes or curriculum vitae. A loved one in this situation told me that only when she became clear within herself about what made her happy and content without a partner did she open up a spiritual path that would attract the right partner and let them into her life.

If you're single and looking for a love relationship, or if you're in a relationship that needs work, visit The Art of Relationship: Sarah Anma's Relationship Coaching site for Singles and Couples. I like Sarah's approach to relationships, and she comes across as being very authentic, kind, and giving…someone who has learned some lessons the hard way but has risen above those obstacles to gain mastery for herself and insight for others.

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