Gareth Malone has made a name for himself taking groups of people and turning them into a choir. This time he's taken a group of military wives whose husbands are all away in Afghanistan. Gareth looks about 16 yrs old but is actually in his mid-30s. He is Choir master for the London Symphony Orchestra, among other things. Proceeds from the album In My Dreams will go to The Military Wives Choirs Foundation.

My friend, Jo Stickley, herself a retired military nurse, shared this video with me. I thank her, and all our men and women who have ever served in the Armed Forces, for their service to their country.

As we celebrate Veterans Day here in the United States, who can you call or write to thank them for their military service?

My friend Karen R. Sanderson wrote a post recently called “God Bless Our Troops: Links to Help.” In it, she provides a wonderful list of organizations that support our troops. Find one and help out today.

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