NOTE 8/17/11: This blog post has been updated to reflect the transfer of content from our old Facebook Group “Revive the Art of Personal Note Writing!” to this Heartspoken blog. I now have a “Notewriting” category that will include content, encouragement, and resources to Revive the Art of Personal Notewriting!

The personal note or letter is a time-honored tool for staying in touch with people who mean a lot to you: family, friends, loved ones, and even business associates, customers, and prospects. Electronic media have given us so many other options, that it's hard to maintain the practice of picking up a pen and paper (or even a computer and printer if your handwriting is illegible) and sending something by mail.

We can't let the practice of writing personal notes and letters die! To paraphrase the folks at Crane's stationery: “People always remember a note, long after they forget what exactly they did to deserve it.”

I am so passionate about encouraging people to write more personal notes that I started an open Facebook group in 2009 for discussion, tips, and inspiration about this timeless and meaningful way of connecting with people. It grew to over 150 members, but when Facebook changed the way they handled groups in 2011, I decided to gradually move that content over to this blog. You can find all these articles under the category of Notewriting. I want to make writing personal notes more fun and much easier.

Don't miss my Secret NOTES formula for writing notes that encourage, inspire and comfort. Just put your email into the box in the right sidebar of this page. Once you confirm your email, you're minutes away from this free report. It will rejuvenate and inspire your notewriting!

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