Introducing Connection Messenger: Mimi Meredith

Sometimes finding our authentic selves is way more about letting things go than it is about taking new things on. I have a lifelong habit of constantly taking on so many things that sometimes I find my life totally out of balance, and then I can't possibly do a good job with any of them. More troublesome is the way busy-ness can be a distraction that keeps me from developing those talents, skills, and passions that are the most critical to being my truest authentic self. Sadly, no one can tell me this, even with the best of intentions. Just ask my husband, because he's tried! 🙂  I have to run smack up against a wall and then face the facts: something's got to give.

I have found it comforting and inspiring to talk to other smart, creative women about this tension in their own lives. I was fortunate to discover Mimi Meredith in the last year. Mimi is a motivational speaker and relationship consultant, and we have become friends (we suspect we were twins in another life!) through my comments on the Bloomin' Blog at her Goodness Grows website.

On New Year's Day, Mimi's blog post really spoke to me about the value of cultivating what I have rather than adding more.  “This year, instead of resolving to do something new or to change something that seems unfavorable, I'd like to challenge us to look at what we are that is good and make it great.”

I agree. It's all too easy to spend time chasing things “out there” that we think we need to do, be, or achieve. Sometimes we just need to stop, take stock, and listen for that “still small voice” that affirms exactly where we are and guides us on ways to be our best self. Elizabeth, are you listening?

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