Chris Brogan is a highly sought-after speaker, motivator, and consultant who is on a mission is ensure humanity is not lost when marketing and technology intersect in corporations and organizations. I find his writing and teaching to be unusually compelling, and he was one of the first online experts I followed when I began my foray into online business several years ago.

“Imitation is the best form of Flattery” [1. Charles Caleb Colton]

Since about 2006, Chris has inspired thousands with his annual “3 words challenge,” and with all due respect and credit to him, I am going public with my own three words for 2012. He is very clear these words are not goals. Rather, they are beacons or a framework to guide, inform, and support your goals, decisions, and actions during the year. This is, of necessity, an extremely personal choice, and I hope you'll consider choosing and committing to your own three. Here are my mine:

1. Focus

One of my inner demons is my propensity for getting easily distracted. I'll blithely spend hours (not to mention dollars) on a new webinar, ebook, whitepaper, or course and get to the end of the day having accomplished nothing that gets me closer to my goals. Or worse, I have gone weeks at a time without clearly articulating what those goals are or why they're important. This is the year when I will pare down, realize I can't multi-task effectively, admit I know everything I need to know to take action and just do it! You'll see evidence of my work on this as the year progresses. Heartspoken posts will be more regular and more targeted. I've asked my wonderful graphic designer, Lynne Crumpacker, to change the wording on my website header to say “How to Connect in a Disconnected World” instead of “Speaking from the Heart about the Power of Connection.” I certainly will continue to speak from the heart, but the new words will more directly convey why I feel there are important things to say about Connection.

2. Connect

Besides my obvious fascination with Connection, I chose this as one of my three words because I want to remember to connect my actions with my intentions. I don't want to miss a single opportunity to make a connection with—or for—someone. I want to more actively connect with others who share my passion for understanding Connection, and I want to strengthen my own connections with Self, with Others, with God, and with Nature so I can share what I learn with you. These essential connections are woven into every aspect of our best-lived lives.

3. Play

I take myself entirely too seriously, and that's got to stop. I intend to find ways to play and look at the world more playfully. I want to thank Dr. Cyndi Briggs and my fellow “Play in May” participants for reminding me I need more play in my life. I am convinced this will help me develop more balance, stimulate the other side of my brain (the side that wants to overthink everything), and open me up to more creativity and joy.

What are your 3 words?

I challenge you to pick three words that will help you get more out of the year to come. Please share in the Comments box below, or join the conversation at my Facebook Page.

Photo credit: “Year 2012 Growth Chart” by kizilkayaphotos, Istanbul, Turkey, via iStockPhoto

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