GIFTS THAT CONNECT Series: This is one in a series of posts that will turn your gift-giving into a joy-filled connection experience.


Give the Gift of Inspiration.

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for great motivational videos, books and quotations. They help me think and dream more largely and vividly. They inspire me to open my mind to wonderful possibilities. They help me believe in my own power to make a difference. You'll find some ideas for gifts that inspire in Heartspoken's Gift Shop.

I'll bet there's someone on your gift list for whom one of these gifts will be absolutely perfect:

  • Someone who loves motivational books and videos
  • Someone who “collects” quotations and motivational sayings
  • Someone who can't get out much and would enjoy a daily dose of inspiration
  • Someone who needs encouragement
  • A young graduate or someone who has recently accomplished something noteworthy

While you're there, browse Heartspoken's GIFT SHOP area for other wonderful gift ideas for the loved ones on your list.

Order today and make a dent in that shopping list! Share below your best gift ever given and your best gift ever received. Or join the conversation at Elizabeth's Facebook Page.


Photo credit: “Sun in my hands” by Kim Hattaway via StockXchng


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