On my Facebook profile under Religion, I call myself a Seeker. This does not mean that I am trying to be politically correct or afraid to use the more specific words Christian or Episcopalian. It simply reflects my deep interest in–and respect for–all religions and anyone's genuine journey of faith and seeking a better understanding of their existence, their world, and their vision of a higher power. Surely Truth–with a capital T–transcends the labels we love to put on everything, so we should not be afraid to seek it, even if takes us into unfamiliar territory.

I love the chorus to Dolly Parton's famous song, “The Seeker”:

<i>I am a seeker
A poor sinful creature
There is no weaker than I am
I am a seeker
You are a teacher
You are a reacher
So reach down
Wont you reach out and lead me
Guide me and keep me
In the shelter of your care each day
Cause I am a seeker
You are a keeper
You are the leader
Won't you show me the way</i>

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