Head shot of Dr. Cyndi Briggs, The Sophia Project

Cynthia Briggs, PhD, The Sophia Project

Heartspoken's Connection Messenger, Cyndi Briggs, has done it again. Her post on The Sophia Project this morning entitled “I Write a Farewell Letter to My Insecurity” is a powerful manifesto to anyone who has allowed low self-esteem, their inner critic, insecurity, and judgment to paralyze them or deprive them of their full potential. She writes a letter to these imposters to formally sever her long-held relationship with them and tell them she's moving on.

If you struggle with any of these “voices,” or if you know someone who does, Cyndi's “good-bye letter” will inspire you. I hope you'll read the whole post, but here's her last paragraph:

I have much work to do in this lifetime. There is a call that is specifically mine and unique only to me. I must let you go in order to fulfill my promise. So with love, I release you into the ether, to reclaim my inheritance, and to give our wounded world everything I’ve got.

Cyndi's message is a critical reminder of why I have included “Connection with Self” among the four connections I feel are essential to happiness and success. Cyndi has done the hard work of getting to know herself lovingly and honestly, and she has mustered the courage to recognize these insidious forces that would, if she let them, derail her from her highest potential. They threaten us all.

The message is so timely. During the holidays, we may be around family members who, often without knowing it, remind us of old insecurities, judgments, and criticism. Being aware of this will help you guard against their destructive power. Just acknowledge them and let them wash over you and out of your life. Stand in your own power. Embrace  your beautiful self. Let your light shine.

I'd love to hear how you have dealt with insecurity in your life. Leave a comment below or join the conversation at my Facebook Page.


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