I have two short connection messages today.

Here in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, and my heart is full as I count my blessings. My husband and I will step on an airplane in the morning to visit our son and his wife in Texas. I haven't seen them since last Thanksgiving! Our daughter and her husband will be driving in from New Mexico to meet us for Thanksgiving, so I'm a happy Mama!

My connection message is simply to practice gratitude every day, not just at Thanksgiving. Dig deep inside and connect with those precious blessings. Being truly grateful for those good things in our lives is a powerful magnet for inner peace and joy. Even in the midst of tragedy or sadness, the conscious exercise of identifying something for which we are thankful can be remarkably healing.

The second thing I want to share today is a very short (less than two minutes) video that Laura Roeder shared with her students this morning. Kevin Spacey's powerful message is that if we're looking for the “Ultimate Prize” (success, happiness, etc.) outside ourselves, we're missing an essential connection in our life. The connection we need to make is with the inner knowledge of what we want in life and why we want it. “If you feel you have something to give—if you feel that your particular talent is worth developing, is worth caring for—then there's nothing you can't achieve.”

So regardless of your circumstances, go forth in gratitude, and whatever your talent or your gifts may be (Don't forget that your smile and your attention are valuable gifts too), share them today with whomever you meet. The world needs them!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm grateful for YOU.

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