Paint brushes and paint

I am inspired this morning by my friend and artist Kelly Walker's blog post entitled “Art Matters.” Kelly is a “working artist.” She works to hone her innate talent. She works at her shop, Delilah's Gallery, to offer beautiful pieces for sale. She works to share her love and appreciation for painting and art of all kinds. She works to support the arts in our region. She works to connect with children and aspiring artists to help them discover their own creativity and talent. I see connection insights everywhere in her message!

Art—artistic endeavor in any form—can be a powerful connection tool. It connects us with our own creativity. It connects us with the time and circumstances that inspired the artist. It connects us with the artist's message in its creation. It connects us with our own emotions and thoughts about what we're seeing and the world around us. A gift of art can often convey love and meaning to the recipient in a way that is hard to express in words.

Mary Boone, in a 2008 article for the Huffington Post called “Why Art Matters,” made a statement that resonates powerfully in today's difficult economic environment: “Looking at art, we reconnect with our inner spirit, a spirit that is rich in thoughts, feelings, and dreams, a spirit that can't be bankrupted, no matter what is happening in the financial markets.” She goes on to quote John F. Kennedy, shortly before his death in 1963, when he said, “We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

British art critic Peter Fuller, in an article found on the Art Influence website (Peter Fuller Memorial Foundation), says, “Art can make us better at seeing and enhance our enjoyment of being in the world.”

The next time you need a change of scenery, visit your local art museum or art gallery. You'll undoubtedly see things that you don't like or understand, but you'll treat your right brain to some sensory stimulation. And who knows…you may see something that totally transforms the way you see your life.

Has a work of art ever caused a shift in your thinking or perspective…or connected you with knowledge or feelings you weren't expecting? I'd love to hear about it! Comment below or join the conversation at Elizabeth's Facebook page.

Photo credit: “Paint brushes in a row” by “dp_photo” via iStockPhoto


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