Annette Petrick, host of Consider This

Annette Petrick

Introducing Connection Messenger Annette Petrick, writer and narrator of the popular radio show Consider This

Don't you just love people who embrace life and live it to its fullest, regardless of their age or their circumstances? With few exceptions, these folks have a positive attitude, an appreciation for the good things around them, and a natural tendency to want to share those good things with others. They also have a lot to teach us if we'll only listen.

Annette Petrick is such a person. Business woman, speaker, community leader, wife, mother, grandmother, and lover of life, Annette is a friend here in the Shenandoah Valley, and she is the creator of a wonderful radio show called Consider This. It consists of daily 90-second broadcasts in which she presents stories, life experiences, and tidbits of wisdom that are dished up in just the right portion sizes for most of us with busy schedules. Sometimes they inspire, encourage, or motivate me. Invariably they make me smile or warm my heart. Here are a couple of audio samples:



Accept Compliments 


Happily Annette has recently created a collection of these wonderful shows on her Consider This CD – Vol. I : A Heartwarming Collection About Life and Love. We've made it available here at Heartspoken, either from this page or among ourGifts That Inspire.” I've also categorized this post among those in the Our Wisdom Spoken Project, because I believe these shows contain a treasure trove of life wisdom. 

The CD contains more than two dozen tracks with messages and lessons in short (less than two minutes long), easy-listening format. Track themes include Mothers, Friends, Coping with Life, Women, Spectrums of Love, Opportunity, and Lessons from Life. Whether you purchase the CD in its beautiful booklet case or in a deluxe boxed gift set, you'll get the code to download a free 28-page bonus book with expanded writings on themes on the CD, photos, and the author's personal story of life and love.

The CONSIDER THIS CD – VOL. 1 is the Perfect Gift:

  • to celebrate
  • to encourage
  • to comfort
  • to enjoy
  • to reward yourself
  • to show SOMEONE SPECIAL how much you care
Consider This CD

Consider This CD Vol. I

 0007 Consider This CD – Vol. I – $14.95 ($3.00 shipping for up to five.)

Call 540-436-3969 or email Elizabeth at e… if you need more than five)

CD in lovely booklet-style jacket and enclosed secret code to download free Bonus PDF Book




Consider This CD in gift box

Consider This CD Vol. I in Deluxe Boxed Gift Set

0008 Consider This CD – Vol. I in Deluxe Gift Box –  $16.95 ($3.00 shipping for up to five)

Call 540-436-3969 or email Elizabeth at e… if you need more than five)

CD and its jacket nestled inside a deluxe red gift box, ribbon tie, with a personalized gift card and enclosed secret code to download the free Bonus PDF Book


This wonderful CD is the perfect stocking stuffer, teacher gift and gift swap gift. Order today and order in quantity.

If you have any ordering issues, email Elizabeth at e… or call her at 540-436-3969. Ask us about special quantity pricing.

Annette enjoys your comments on her Consider This Radio Show page on Facebook, and we always are happy to have you join the conversation on my Facebook Page.

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