Introducing Connection Messenger, Jason F. Wright

How cool is it to be Facebook friends with New York Times bestselling author Jason Wright…cooler yet that he lives right down the road (by country standards) and is an active part of our community here in Shenandoah County!  Jason is a quintessential Connection Messenger. He believes in the power of connection and practices it in his personal and community relationships, his friendly social media presence, and in the themes of his books.

Jason's True Letter Story

Before he was anywhere near as famous as he is today, I posted a video featuring Jason to my Facebook Group page (“Revive the art of personal note-writing!”). It was Jason's personal testimony about the power of a handwritten letter that he received when his father died when Jason was 16 years old. It is a letter that he has kept to re-read and treasure. Since Facebook has changed the way they handle groups, I am migrating the content from that group over to my blog on the Notewriting tab, so if you want to learn to write personal notes and letters that comfort, encourage, and inspire, visit that link and come back regularly.

New Book Launch: The Wedding Letters

Next Tuesday, September 27, Jason is launching his latest book The Wedding Letters, a follow-up to his very popular The Wednesday Letters. In both books (and sprinkled in his other books too), we find characters struggling with real-life challenges and hardships who prevail when true to the values of love, kindness, generosity, and family loyalty. Of course, I especially love the importance of letters — real handwritten letters — in Jason's stories.

Special Offer if you Pre-purchase

For those who pre-purchase The Wedding Letters, you can get a free download of Jason's e-book “The Proposal Letter,” a bridge novella that covers the time between the end of The Wednesday Letters and the beginning of The Wedding Letters. All you have to do to get it is:

  1. Pre-order The Wedding Letters before its launch date next Tuesday 9/27/11.
  2. Forward proof-of-purchase (e.g. email receipt) to
  3. Wait for your e-book copy of The Proposal Letter to arrive in your in-box as a PDF document, ready for reading on any computer and most e-readers.

 Can you think back to a letter that came to you at a time in your life that it really made a difference? Please share with us in the comments below or visit Elizabeth's Facebook Page and join the conversation.

Who needs to hear from you right now? It only takes a minute to write a note that can make someone's day.

Jason F. Wright

Jason Wright is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USAToday bestselling author. He is also a political commentator and the co-founder of, a popular website for political junkies.

Jason is also a popular speaker who speaks on the origin of the Christmas Jar movement, the value of service, the lost art of letter writing and many other topics. (Click here to learn more about booking Jason for your event.)

In 2007, while researching Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley for his novel The Wednesday Letters, Jason fell so in love with the area that he moved his family westward from northern Virginia into the heart of the Valley.

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