Candle flamei n the dark

“But if my fire is not large, it is yet real, and there may be those who can light their candle at its flame.” A.W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God

It’s easy to think that we’re failing God if we don’t do impressive things…if our sacrifice isn’t great enough…if our commitment isn’t passionate enough…if our giving isn’t generous enough. We compare ourselves to Mother Theresa or St. Paul or any of the other spiritual giants and feel so inadequate that sometimes we give up. We quit trying. We hide our light under a bushel.

Today, I’m going to stop comparing myself to others. I’m going to take a deep breath and remind myself that my worth is not because of anything I can do myself, but because God made me and God loves me. That is enough.

And just like the wonderful scene from J.M. Barrie’s  Peter Pan in which Peter begs children to believe so the fairy Tinkerbell will not die from the poison she has ingested to save Peter, I can start believing that my own weak light matters. As my belief grows, so does its brightness, ready—when needed—to light someone else’s candle.

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