Note: This article was originally written for my Facebook Group, “Revive the art of personal note-writing!”

Steve Leveen is doing his best to keep the flame of personal note writing alive in his article from The Huffington Post: “The Digital Grinch has Stolen our Christmas Cards.”

Steve is one of my favorite writers. He blogs at The Well-Read Life and is CEO of  Levenger. In this article, he offers tips to make our personal handwritten missives more enjoyable and less stressful. I loved this particular section, and even the “youngsters” among you will appreciate it:

“There's another reason why it's important to keep handwritten notes alive, and why we must do it now or lose our chance: 
“Those of us over the age of 45 or so are the last generation of humans who lived when physical mail was the thing. We were young when long-distance phone calls were expensive and rare, we can remember a world without fax and email. We are the living history of handwritten notes–those notes we received as children from our elders and the notes we sent back.
“It falls to our generation to carry the torch forward, to show the younger and the youngest how the old form of taking pen to paper still burns bright and carries a warmth all its own.”

So, my friends, I embrace Steve's call to action and will no longer consider myself just an opinion-bearer on the topic of personal note-writing. I am a Torch Bearer, and am honored to see you by my side. Together, our light will be ever brighter!

Do you still include personal notes when you send holiday cards? Why or why not? We love getting comments below, or join the conversation at my Facebook Page.

May your holidays be joyful, and may you and yours be blessed, happy, and healthy—now and throughout the New Year.

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