The following is a guest blog post by Connection Messenger Debbie Bowie, a professional organizer and feng shui practitioner whose lecture and book have helped me completely revamp my home office space from one I hated to enter into one that is warm, inviting, less cluttered, and productive. I've written in greater detail HERE about how the principles she teaches helped me strengthen my connection with both Nature and with my own best self.  


A simple formula for stress reduction is to add Nature and reduce paper. Spend more time outside, weather permitting, or bring more elements of nature into your home or work space, and you'll feed yourself with positive energy. By ridding yourself of all paper except that which you absolutely need, and keeping the important papers stored for easy access and retrieval, you will eliminate a major source of stress in your life.

A friend of mine commented that she had not expected to find that I had so much stuff in my house. That really alarmed me, because I work very hard to keep my home clutter-free, organized and feeling good. As I usually do when I receive a negative comment, I checked out the space, trying to see it through the eyes of a guest. Upon inspection I realized because I live in a small space, it is easier to be more acutely aware of everything in the space. I also have many high energy things: live plants, silk plants, pictures of plants, rocks and shells, a bubbling fountain. Nature is everywhere! I had unconsciously created a garden, with all the busyness of a garden.  I didn’t set out to create a garden.  I just kept bringing in things that I loved, that felt right in the space.  I created a space that is a nurturing retreat, away from the stress of the rest of the world.

What you will also find in my home is that paper only resides in three locations:  the kitchen counter, my office and my husband’s office.  I keep the quantities of paper down to a minimum in all three areas with paper going out every day.  I know if I am pitching paper I am reducing stress and empowering myself.  I am winning the war against paper.

Reduce stress and empower yourself today by pitching as much paper as you can (don’t worry, they don’t put you in jail for not having a piece of paper you might need!), and either spending time in nature or bringing nature into your home.  By the way, if you can’t keep plants alive, photographs and prints of nature and silk plants work well too!

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Debbie Bowie

About Debbie:

Is what you’re holding onto holding you back? That is the mantra of Debbie Bowie, veteran speaker, Certified Professional Organizer®, feng shui practitioner and author of Rock Scissors Paper: Understanding How Environment Affects Your Performance on a Daily Basis. You can learn more about Debbie from her website: Debbie practices feng shui organizing, an approach to organizing that combines organizing principles with the wisdom of feng shui to help clients clear a path to getting more of what they really want from life.

Blog photo credit: “Calm and Relaxation 2” by Jamie Brelsford via stock.xchng, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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