I've just discovered Jamie Ridler, a “professional creative living coach” who offers thought-provoking and spirit-based insights about authentic living and creativity. Every Wednesday she offers readers the opportunity to make a wish and share it with others. Her wish prompt today is:

What do you wish for your health?

This is an important question for anyone trying, as I am, to connect with my truest self and live my healthiest life, both physically and spiritually. As I am finding with fascinating regularity, the different kinds of important life connections are…drum roll… ALL CONNECTED!

So I'm stepping out in faith that my very personal wish for my own health will inspire you to identify your own wish for your health. That is the first step in making a wish come true.

I wish for healthier eating habits and a stronger ability to “listen” to what my body is telling me about what it needs and wants. I am at least 25 pounds overweight, and even when I cut calories, I need to do it in as healthy a way as possible. No surprises, just the need to pay more attention and remember that I am worthy of the effort to take care of myself. I have a track record for getting distracted from all the diets and programs, even the good ones.

Baby steps to make my wish come true:

Just today, instead of heading into the kitchen and pulling out whatever I find first to prepare a meal, I'll take just a few seconds to breathe deeply and think about what my body might be telling me about what (and how much) it really needs. Just the pause will help to break the habit of thoughtless eating.

So what do you wish for YOUR health? Please share below.

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