Cynthia Briggs, The Sophia Project

Introducing Connection Messenger, Cyndi Briggs.

I just love to find women who not only have a vision, but who do whatever it takes to clear the deck of their life to pursue it. I've just discovered North Carolina writer Cyndi Biggs, and in just a few weeks, she has written some articles that have just blown me away with their insight and straight-shooting messages. One of them will be posted here as a guest article. I consider her a Connection Messenger, because I believe she has a real gift for helping others — especially women — make that essential connection with themselves, their gifts, and their dreams.

I found Cyndi's writings on her blog, The Sophia Project. “The singular purpose of The Sophia Project is to liberate every woman on earth to follow her dreams, trust her inner wisdom and become the divine creature she was born to be.” Okay, so I read that and thought, That's a bit ambitious, isn't it? But once I started reading, I was hooked, and I'm quite sure she's already helped me bring a bit more of my inner goddess out of hiding :-).  Cyndi has graciously given me permission to share her posts here on Heartspoken from time to time.

Cyndi describes herself as “teacher, writer, and activist.” At two universities, she teaches counseling, including group process, microskills, and introduction to the profession. She also teaches addictions related courses including diagnosis and treatment planning and psychopharmacology of addiction. Her true passion is women's issues, and she's co-authoring a supplemental text about women, girls, and addiction with a colleague from MSU-Mankato. She's published in the areas of professional development and mentorship, grief counseling and bibliotherapy, addictions counseling, and group counseling. She has presented regionally and nationally in these areas as well.

Even more fascinating — and courageous — is how she started her blog and became so interested in the issues it covers. Read it here in her own words.

So enjoy Cyndi's writing and teaching, and let her take you by the hand and lead you to a stronger connection with the real you.

Cyndi Briggs, The Sophia Project

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