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I think you'll enjoy and be edified by the short video about Lent below — put out by our Roman Catholic Friends at Our Episcopal/Anglican traditions are closely related in many ways, and other than a couple of RC terms (e.g. “mass”), the overall themes conveyed here ring true for the way Episcopalians celebrate Lent. 

For me, Lent is a time to dig deep and go within, seeking God's Holy Spirit and allowing that “still small voice” to be heard. I have always struggled with quieting myself and disengaging from worldly activities — I wrote about this in a poem many years ago and it still rings true: Lent Calls.”

For you “Faithful Writers,” Lent is the perfect time to keep a pen and journal close at hand. Record small things, feelings, observations. What came to mind when you read a piece of scripture? What are you thankful for? What are you worrying about? Pour your heart out to God on paper. 

If you observe the holy season of Lent, I would love to hear how you set it apart from the rest of your year. May your Lent be richly blessed.

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