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What do the most fascinating people and the most caring people you know have in common? They are good listeners, and it makes them seem more fascinating and more empathetic. My guest, Connection Messenger* Annette Petrick shares her own perspective on this valuable skill—a skill, by the way, that can be learned and honed.

Use the audio player above to listen to this 90-second show. Annette gives a little back story below. 

It was something I learned first from my mom. She dazzled people she met by her intense attention to everything they had to say.  She didn’t fake it. She was sincerely interested in their thoughts and stories. People seemed to feel that and respond to it. I was fascinated by her skill and put it to work in my own career and my social life. I feel so sad when I come across someone who is making believe they are listening.

Once, I even pulled a prank. A VIP at an event I attended was well known for pretending to listen. To prove the point, I brought my parents over to her and said, “Fran, I’d like to introduce my parents, Napoleon and Josephine.” She never blinked. Gushed over my mom and dad and moved on her merry way. 

Hope you enjoy listening to my story.




Annette Petrick for Consider This

Annette Petrick

Annette Petrick is the creative genius and inspired storyteller behind the Consider This Radio Show, featuring dozens of colorful 90-second episodes serving up “timely perspectives on life, love, friends, family, giving back, and giving thanks.” You'll laugh, cry, rant, cheer, or remember. Be sure to get on her email list HERE to receive a new episode every Sunday morning.

To read a transcript of this show, visit “Listening” on the Consider This Radio Show website.

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* What's a Connection Messenger? At Heartspoken, a Connection Messenger is someone who helps point the way to strengthening one of life's essential connections: with God, with self, with others, or with nature. 

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