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Book Review: Prairie Fires

Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder Written by Caroline Fraser      Reviewed by Elizabeth H. Cottrell Published in 2017. Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Biography. 4 stars When my daughter Sarah was a young girl, she and I both loved the...
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Accept a Gushing Waterfall of Love!

[Updated February 2018]    In light of yet another school shooting in Florida this month, I am so sad to contemplate the loss felt by victims' families and the degree of despair the young shooter must have felt to seek relief in snuffing out the lives of others. Yet...
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Lent In 3 Minutes (or more)

I think you'll enjoy and be edified by the short video about Lent below -- put out by our Roman Catholic Friends at BustedHalo.com. Our Episcopal/Anglican traditions are closely related in many ways, and other than a couple of RC terms (e.g. "mass"), the overall...

The Story of a Surprise Friendship Gift That Warmed My Heart

Mysterious beginning It all began with a curious and tantalizing email from my friend Karen in North Dakota: "Could you send me a photo of your home? I'm working on a surprise." Karen (Karen R. Sanderson, a.k.a. The Word Shark) is a writer, editor, author, artist,...
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7 Great Books For Winter Reading

Surely one of life's most satisfying pleasures is to cuddle up on a sofa or favorite reading chair with a good book. It nourishes both body and soul! There are all kinds of reasons to read, and my tastes and reading moods vary widely. Sometimes I want to be educated...

Joy To The World!

Pause during this holy season As I get older, I'm learning to pause more often, especially when the world gets busier around me. I was helped in that effort this Christmas season by catching a rotten cold in the middle of December. I had to stop, rest and stay inside...

Is It Time To Cut Back This Christmas?

In recent years—especially when we're not expecting our children or grandchildren to visit for Christmas—my husband and I find ourselves tempted to pare down the amount of decorating we do for the holidays. My guest, Connection Messenger* Annette Petrick shares her...

Advent: The Season of Breathless Anticipation

Almighty God, give us grace to cast away the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light, now in the time of this mortal life in which your Son Jesus Christ came to visit us in great humility; that in the last day, when he shall come again in his glorious majesty...

Strengthen Life's Four Essential Connections

Connect with God

Connect With God

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. ~ C.S. Lewis

connect with nature

Connect With Nature

It is a…necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth…to know of wonder and humility. ~ Rachel Carson

connect with others

Connect with Others

…There is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of others…. ~ Albert Einstein

Connect With Self

All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. ~ James Thurber

How to express your Heartspoken messages

Fountain pen writing on the paper, close up imageWriting personal notes and letters is such a powerful and underappreciated connection tool, yet you may be among those who feel they don't have the time or don't know what to say. These posts will teach you why handwritten notes and letters are so special and how to write notes that comfort, encourage and inspire. 

I invite you to join our Facebook group: “Revive the Art of Personal Note Writing.”

You know that stash of special letters you've tucked away?

Stack of envelopes tied with stringI'm collecting examples of letters or notes to include in a book I'm writing. If you have one you're willing to share, please scan and email it to me:elizabethc (at) heartspoken (dot) com, along with its story and your name, city and state – it can be anonymous if you prefer. By mail (and I'd love to get a handwritten note from you): Heartspoken, P.O. Box 81, Maurertown, VA 22644.



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